Shopify Option Price Calculator

  • Add unlimited product options and avoid Shopify option limit while providing an optimal shopping experience.
  • Ensure perfectly priced products with advanced calculation and pricing lookup table support.

Perfect Pricing

  • Set a fixed price for any option and automatically add options.
  • Price your products exactly how you want using option & option set level calculations.
  • Write custom formulas using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, brackets, variables, option inputs, option calculated values, or lookup table function.
  • Create pricing tables and determine option price from the table.
  • Lookup a value from a table based on two inputs.
  • Price displayed immediately as customer updates selected options.
  • Set minimum and maximum price for product & individual options.
  • Works with any unit of measure.
  • Multi-currency support.

Add to Cart Methods

  • Don’t give up on your slide out cart with built in slide out cart support.
  • Increase average purchase price with build in Upsell/Cross Sell & to cart feature.
  • Built in DOM selector support to handled custom themes & modified cart pages.
  • Use AJAX to show or hide elements.

Flexible Conditional Logic

  • Create rules to show or hide options or option values based on customer selection.
  • Eg: Only show engraving text input if user selects engraving.

More Features

  • Change product images & thumbnails with option selection.
  • No more tedious setup, easily clone existing options & option sets.
  • Set required options
  • Set default values
  • Display selected options in shopping cart, slide out cart, during payment process & in Shopify admin so you can fulfil purchases with ease.
  • Ensure perfect profit margins for all your products with option and option set level formulas.
  • Deliver custom product quotes in real-time and eliminate back & forth with your customers.
  • Sell what you want & allow customers to buy exactly what they want!

Easily Sell Measurement Based Products

  • Sell variable sized products
  • Length – ropes, fabrics, cables, pipes
  • Weight – sugar, rice, meat, grains
  • Area – floor tiles, carpets, sail material
  • Volume – milk, diesel, liquids
  • Roll – wallpaper roll, more
  • Box

No Code Style Customization

  • No coding required
  • 90+ build in style customization options for perfect theme matching
  • Clarify what option do with help text & tool-tips (with image support)
  • Add custom CSS classes to options
  • Add to any product page
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Shopify 2.0 compatible


  • Lookup (with 9 variations) – lookup a value from a table based on two inputs
  • Dropdown (Text & Image)
  • Radio
  • Swatch (Color & Image)
  • Buttons
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Email
  • Number
  • Instruction

    Multi-select (Pro Plan Only)
  • Checkbox
  • Swatch
  • Buttons