Conditional Calculation Option

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Condition Calculation Options are hidden calculation fields that conditionally calculate a formula outside of an option. If the condition passes, the calculation runs, if the condition fails, then the default value is passed to the conditional calculation instead

Available on Ultra plan.

Condition #

If Water is Wet: This is a fancy way of saying the condition will always pass since water is always wet.

If Any: This means ANY of the conditions must pass in order for the calculation to evaluate.

If All: This means ALL of the conditions must pass in order for the calculation to evaluate.

Formula #

The Formula field allows you to write a calculation that will be evaluated when the condition passes. Use the Calculation Variables dropdown to insert option variables from the calculator.
Make sure to include arguments between your variables (,),*,/,+,- etc.

If the condition does not pass the Default value will be passed to the option as the calculated value. Typically this is best set to 0 but in some cases you may want to set this to 1 or some other number.

Use the result of a Conditional Calculation Option is accessed through its Unique Name reference variable and can be used in any other calculation field including other Conditional Calculations.

It is typical to use one Conditional Calculation to help calculate another.

Example: #

Conditional Calculation Unique Name

Total (total)
Discount (discount)
Final price (final_price)


total * 0.10
total – discount

After calculating the Final price in a conditional calculation you might use this variable in the unit price calculations

Unit Price = final_price.
In this way, we made what would have been a complicated formula much simpler:
( dimensions*1.25) – ( dimensions*1.25) *0.10 was replaced with final_price