Email Quote Add to Cart method

Only available on Ultra plans.

The first step is to configure this in Settings:

Settings > Add to Cart Method > Email Quote

Email Verification #

Email Sender: The email address that should send the email to your customer. We will BCC this email address anytime a customer requests a quote.

Email Display Name: The email display name to show (who it says the email came from).

Once you have entered an Email Sender and Email Display Name, Click Update Email Sender button.

This will send a verification email to the address set in Email Sender. You must open the email and click the verification link in order for your email address to be verified.

After you have verified your email, refresh the settings page in the app. You should now see a Validated checkmark.

If you did not get the verification email and are unable to validate, please reach out to us at

Calculator Configuration #

Each calculator you want to use Email Quote needs to be configured.

  1. Edit a Calculator that you wan to send Email Quotes.
  2. Set Add to Cart Config > Add to Cart Method > Email
  3. Set the Email Subject.
  4. Set the Email Button Text. This is the text that appears on the button to request an Email Quote.
  5. Set the Email Intro Text. This text/html will appear at the top of the email sent to customers.
  6. Show product description in email. Check this box if you want the product description to be added to the email.
  7. Show product and option prices in email. Check this box if you want to include the product option breakdown and prices in the email.
  8. Set Email Signature Text. This text/html will appear at the bottom of the email sent to customer.

Finally, you must include an Email option to your calculator. This is where your customer will enter their email address and how the calculator knows where to send the email.

In addition to the customer getting an email, we will BCC your Sender Email address so you know that an email was just sent.