How to setup Quantity Based discounts

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In this document we will describe how to create quantity based discounts.

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There are two main ways of doing this.

  • Pricing Tables
  • Inline discounts and dropdown or radio buttons.

    Either method will work you can combine both methods if you want.

Pricing Tables Method #

Create a pricing table.
This will be used to hold quantity discounts depending on the quantity selected.

  1. Go to Pricing Tables tab.
  2. Click Create Pricing Table.

  3. Create an Pricing Table for quantity discount. 

    You can give this any name but remember the name for later.

    Column A represents the quantity discount breaks
    Column B represents the discount amount. This can expressed as a % or as a $ amount. The way you input this will change how you set up your discount formula.

    If you input a % here, do not include % sign and you will need to input this as a decimal, not as a whole number (Enter 25% as 0.25 rather than 25). Later will multiple your price by this value to get the percent discount.

    The value in Cell B1 is an arbitrary constant and can be anything. I just needs to be a whole number. We will use this number later in our pricing table variable. Row 1 represents the first variable in a pricing table pricing formula. Column A represents the second input.

    You will later reference a discount from this table as:

    quantitydiscount_pt[ Row 1 value, Column A value]

    quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, 300] = this will select the discount of 0.20

    quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, 500] = this will select the discount of 0.30

    quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, product_quantity] = this will select the appropriate discount based on user input for product quantity.
  4. Save Pricing Table.

Add the pricing table formula to the Calculator Unit Price Calcualation.

  1. Open the Calculator you want to apply a quantity discount to.

  2. In the Calculator Settings > General section, select Discount Type -> Formula

The next steps will depending on your Calculator Configuration.

If you are using a Dollar discount in your quantity discount table:

Enter the following into your discount calculation:

quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, product_quantity ]

This will set the discount to the value found in the pricing discount table.

If you are using a Percent discount in your quantity discount table:

If Automatically Add Option Values in unchecked.

In this case you are using a custom formula to calculate price. We will need to use this custom formula in the discount calculation.

You must enter the existing Unit Price Calculation and multiple this by the quantity discount pricing table variable.

Let’s assume you calculate unit price as:


Your Discount Calculation should be as follows:

(length*width*12)*quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, product_quantity ]

This formula will calculate you product price then multiple it by the discount percent found in the quantity pricing table.

The final result passed to the calculation will be a dollar amount equivalent to the percent discount.

If Automatically Add Option Values in checked.

This means Option Price Calculator is automatically adding all option values together to determine the final unit price.

You will need to replicate what Option Price Calculator is doing automatically for you in the Discount formula field.

You have an option set with three options.
– size
– trim
– color

Since Automatically Add Option Values is checked, the calculator will perform the following calculation automatically to determine the price.

size + trim + color

Your Discount Calculation should be as follows:

(size + trim + color)*quantitydiscount_pt[ 1, product_quantity ]