Lookup Options

Lookup Options consist of two number inputs that will be used to perform a VLook up on an associated pricing table.

User inputs 25.124 for Height (Input 1)
User inputs 50.500 for Width (Input 2)

The Blinds pricing table is associated with the lookup option.
The user input returns the value is call C6 because….
Input 1 is greater than 20 and less than 30. Returns Column C.
Input 2 is greater than 50 and less than 60. Returns Row 6.

The price returned for the Lookup Option is 149.

Backend Configuration:

Pricing Table: The associated pricing table for the lookup option. User input values will be used on this table to get the final option price. See pricing tables for more information. You must select a pricing table for lookup option types.

You can create, edit, remove and select existing pricing tables here. In certain circumstances you may want to create a pricing table that is not associated with any lookup option. Currently there is no specific UI to manage option tables outside what appears in a lookup option. You may need to create a new lookup option in order to manage pricing tables. You do not need to save the lookup option as, pricing tables are independent.

Input 1 and 2 Settings: Each of Input 1 and Input 2 settings are configured independently of each other and consist of the following configuration items.

Name: The display name that will appear on the product page for this input.

Format: Product page display format of input 1. Can be Number, Dropdown, Number and Drop Down or Stepped Button. See below for description of each format.

Decimals: Number of decimal places you want this input to display and calculate with. Only for Number and Stepped Button formats.

Minimum: The smallest valid number for the input. This will be automatically set based on the smallest value in the associated Pricing table.

Maximum: The maximum valid value for the input.

Tooltip: Text to appear in a tool tip next to the input. Leaving this field blank will remove the tooltip icon. This will appear beside the option. Each input can have a tooltip and the overall lookup option can also have one.

Step: The amount that a stepped buttons will increase or decrease the input with each click. Only for Stepped Button format.

Dropdown: The display name for a drop down and the value associated with that element. Only for drop down format.

Lookup Option Formats:

The inputs can have have any combination of the following styles:

  • Number
  • Dropdown
  • Number and Dropdown
  • Stepped Buttons

Or any combination of the button types above: