General Option Configuration

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All options have the following standard settings described below.

Display Name: This is the name that will appear on you product page for any given option.

Backend Name: This is the name that will appear on Options tab, option listing in the backend. This is useful to help you differentiate multiple options that need the same Display Name on your product page but you need to be able to differentiate from other options in the backend. This will be set automatically for yo if you do not provide a value.

Unique Name: This a unique option identified automatically set for each option. You should use this value when adding an option into a calculation as a variable. Each option will have a unique name and you can reference this name in any formula or calculation field.

Advanced Configuration #

Click Show Advanced to see these settings.

Tooltip: Tool tips appear when hovering over the ? mark icon beside an option. The question mark will only appear if you include a value for the tooltip. You can include HTML or plain text. Use <img src=””> tag to include an image. You can change the tooltip icon color in calculator styles. Tool tips can be turned on an off in the calculator styles.

Help text: Help text appears under each option and can help provide additional context to a customer when selecting an option. Help text can be turned on an off in the calculator styles. If you do not see help text you may need to enable it in calculator styles => Container Styles section.

Hide Price: This option allows you to hide the calculated option price that appears above the option. This is particularly useful when an option uses a formula and you do not want to show the calculated value for an option to the customer.

Class Name: An HTML class that will be appended to the parent element of an option. This custom class name will allow you to easily add custom css that can modify the look of a specific option.

In the example below the a classname “toppings” has been added to the Toppings option. This allows us to apply option specific styles to this option. The css style “.toppings” specifically changes the swatch size of toppings option.

Default Value: The is the value the option will have if no selection has been made by a cust. By default this is set to 0. If you are using this option in a complex formula or calculation you might need to set this value to something other than 0. There are cases where you might need this to be 1 instead of 0 to avoid mathematical errors in your calculation such as dividing by 0.