Calculator Options allow you to choose which options are part of the Calculator. You can add options from the “Search Options” field. The options that appear here are options you have already created for other calculators. They are helpful if you want to use the same option across multiple calculators.

WARNING: Editing an option used in multiple calculators will also change that option in the other calculator. Be careful you do not modify an option in a way that breaks it for other calculators. Remember you can clone Options from the Options section. You may want to make a secondary copy of an option to use in different calculator rather than reusing an option already used in another calculator.

By default options will be set to required. Uncheck the required box to make it optional.

Multi Select Options
If you have configured a multi select option that has a restriction to allow zero selected options, be sure to uncheck Required. Failing uncheck required for this type of option will mean a user still needs to check at least one option.