The Calculator Products section lists all products that are associated with the given Calculator. You can remove products associated with the calculator from the list view here.

Access from Calculator > Calculator Products

Associating Products to Calculators #

Click the Select products button to open the Add products window. This will list the first 200 products in your store. Enter a search term to find more products not listed initially.

Options already associated with the calculator will show a green pill on the right side. Options associated with other calculators will show a grey pill. Selecting a product already associated with a calculator will change the calculator that product is associated with.

A product can only be associated with a single calculator.

Selecting Products by Tag or Collection #

You can also select products to associate with a calculator by using Tags or Collections.

Using this feature is limited to Elite and Ultra plans.

This allows you to easily select a large number of products to associate with a given calculator.

A product can still only be associated to a SINGLE calculator. If a product is in a collection or has a tag that gets assigned to multiple calculators, you may find that the wrong calculator shows for the product.

When selecting By Tags, make sure to comma separate multiple tags. This is a free text field and you should separate multiple tags with a comma. Tags with commas are not supported as they will be mistaken for the tag delimiter.

ALL / ANY option tells the calculator is ANY tag or collection must be present or if ALL tags or collections must be present on the product.