Add to Cart Method: Spinner

The Spinner Add to Cart Method shows a spinner when a product is added to cart. It can either redirect to cart page or leave the user on the product page.

In both cases the spinner will show until Shopify has finished creating the new product variant.

Behind the scenes, Option Price Calculator uses the Shopify API to create a new product variant in your store. The Shopify API does not create the product immediately and it will take a little bit of time before the product is ready in your store and can be shown in the cart.

The spinner will show until Shopify has created the product variant in the backend. The user will not be taken to the cart page until the new variant is ready and this may create a long wait time.
This Add to Cart Method is now recommended and tends to create an undesirable user experience.

We recommend using the DOM Add to Cart method if you want to send users to the cart page or open a slideout cart immediately without any wait time.

What to do after adding products to cart: Got to cart page or Stay on product page

Spinner: If you want to change the default spinner you can add your own spinner here.