Step Option

Step options allow you to make a multi-step Calculators.

Step options are an Ultra plan feature.

How to create a Multi-Step Calculator #

  1. Create a Calculator with some options.

  2. Add the First Step option.
  1. Configure the Step option.

    Step Name: This is the name of the step, it will appear at the top of the step.

    Class Name: Options. Apply a class name for easily adding your own custom styles to the step.

    Short Description: Optional. Appears under the step name and describes the step.

    Previous Step Button Name: A name to put on the previous step button.

    Next Step Button Name: A name to put on the next step button.
  1. Add additional Step Option(s).

    * A multi-step Calculator must have at least two Step options.

    * The First Option in a multi-step calculator must be a Step option.

    * The Last Option a multi-step calculator must not be a Step option.

    * Two consecutive Step options are not allowed. There must be at least one other option between any two step options.

    Example Step Calculation Configuration #