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Calculation based option pricing for customizable products. Advanced product pricing made simple. Perfectly price your customizable and measurement-based products. Specifically designed for sticker, blind, wallpaper, cabinet makers, fabric, counters & parts stores. Use mathematical pricing formulas to calculate option, quantity, weight & discount pricing without limits. Pricing table and vlookups support make complicated pricing easy. Show discounted pricing for options with quantity breaks. Start pricing your products perfectly, get Option Price Calculator.

  • Price custom & measurement-based products more accurately than your competition.
  • Use pricing tables and formulas for more dynamic & accurate option pricing.
  • Use product & variant metafields as variables in your calculations and formulas.
  • Unlimited product options: Swatch, Upload, Multi-select, Dropdown, Radio & more.
  • Create rules to show and hide options based on options selected.

  • The Best App on Shopify for Selling Measurement Based Products

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    Plans and Features

    *An extra sale from discounts, savings from weight calculation or convenience for the customer pays for it.

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    Calculator OptionsAdd advanced calculators to help customer makes a purchase. Area, volume, room size, free sample options etc. Build your own, use a template, customize JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
    Modal Popup Window OptionUse modal options to open a lightbox popup window (modal). This allows adding instructions, videos, tutorials, images, scripts, css inline of your other options.
    Multi-Step CalculatorsSetup a multistep form with next and previous buttons. Simplify your form by displaying only a few form fields at a time.
    Edit Cart Items (coming soon)Edit products already added to cart. This allows your customers to change quantities or configuration after they have added it to cart.
    Variant MetadataUse variant level metadata in your calculations. Variant level metadata variables allow you to perform calculations based on a selected variant rather than just the product. This is particularly helpful if you have different sizes, colors or boxes that use Shopify variants and want to adjust your pricing based on the selected variant.
    Conditional CalculationsConditional Calculation Options allow calculations independent from an option. They can use all the standard variables, reference other option values and can be conditionally be evaluated. These options are hidden and calculate in the background. Easily run a series of calculations much like excel.
    Email QuoteEmail a price quote to your customers instead of adding the item to cart.
    Invalid Measurements Input ValuesSet invalid measurement option input ranges. Example: When Height is 50, max width is 45. When height is 30, max width is 50.
    Set Shipping ProfileSet shipping profile to use with new variants added to cart.
    Calculate Variant SKUCalculate the new variant SKU from selected options
    By the Box Quantity CalculationsAutomatically set the required number of boxes (quantity) based on customer supplied area or dimensions.
    DiscountsApply and display discounts to options or to the entire product price.
    Quantity OptionCan add a Quantity Option to replace Shopify quantity field. Also includes ability to set Quantity by formula.
    Display Calculation values as textDisplay calculations results in an information field. Great for displaying area, boxes required, volume discounts and more.
    Calculate Weight by formulaCalculate product weight using a formula.
    Set Inventory LocationSet the inventory location of new variants added to cart.
    Select Products by Collection or Tagsselect products for the caluclator to appear on by collection or tag. Makes it easy to attached a calculator to a large number of products.
    Sticky Add to Cart ButtonMake the Add to Cart button stick to the bottom of the page when scrolling.
    Use Product Metafields as VariablesAccess up to 5 product metadata fields to use in calculations.
    Product Price and Product Quantity VariablesAccess to product data like quantity and product price as a calculation variable. Allows for pricing by the box based on area and more.
    File Upload OptionUsers can upload files when configuring products. Don’t pay for extra apps.
    Multi Select Options Multie Select support for Swatch, Checkboxes and Buttons.{” “} <br></br> Restrict the number of selections with minimum, maximum, and between conditions.
    Advanced Math Function SupportMake complex calculations with the use of formulas and math operators like: +, -, /, *. All calculations follow B.E.D.M.A.S. Advanced operations are possible with requests from support (square root, exponents etc.).
    Pricing Table Formula Support Fetch pricing table data using a formula. Use pricing table variables in formulas to get option or calculator pricing. <br></br> Example: <br></br>- A customer wants to order new blinds.{” “} <br></br>- They enter the dimensions of 36″x64”. <br></br>- Using a pricing table formula and the customers dimensions, our app calculates the price for the blinds. <br></br>- The customer would also like to add a valance. The valance price is only dependent on the width of the blinds.<br></br>- The valance price can be calculated from the width dimension already provided and a pricing table formula pointing to the valance pricing table.<br></br>valance_pt[dimensions.input1 , 1 ]
    Option Set Price Calculations Calculate the final product price in several ways. 1. Automatically add the price of all options to the base product price. 2. Automatically add the price of all options and ignore the base product price. 3. Write your own pricing formula using math operators, option variables and lookup pricing tables. Option Set calculations let you calculate your final product price however you want. It allows for advanced pricing model and product price does not need to be directly related to option price.
    Option Price Adjustment by FormulaWrite custom formulas to calculate the price of each option. Use math operators +, -, /, *, ( , ) to adjust your price. Include other options as variables in your formula. Fetch pricing from a lookup table using options or static values. Price options based on the price or value of other options. Breath easy with limitless pricing modals.
    Custom DOM Selector Add to Cart MethodCustom DOM Selector options make our app compatible with any custom theme. This can be used to open a slide out cart, change how products are displayed on the cart page or in a slide out cart.
    Slide Out Cart SupportOpen a slide out cart when products are added to cart instead of directing to cart page. Advanced options built in so you can keep your stores existing features.
    Popup Window Upsell Add to Cart MethodIncrease average purchase value by showcasing up to 3 products in a popup dialogue when products are added to cart. This window also summarizes the product just added to cart. Basic plan has can use the popup window add to cart method but cannot add upsell items to the window.
    Conditional LogicShow and Hide options, or specific option values, based on the selection of other options.
    Change Product Images with OptionShow different images of your product when specific options are selected. Hide and show product images and thumbnails when options are selected using Option Set JavaScript.
    Custom CSS and JavaScriptAttach CSS class names to product options for easy style customization. Add custom CSS and JavaScript to your Option Sets without modifying your theme template. Change product images when selected options change.
    Set Default Option ValueDefine default values for options in the event no value is selected, or you just want to use it in a calculation.
    Help & Tooltips for Options Help customers make a purchase with both Help Text (displayed under product option) and Tooltips with images.
    Option TypesMany option types to choose from including Lookup (Dimensions) with 9 display variations, Dropdown, Swatch, Radio, Text, Paragraph, Email, Number, Button, Instruction and Multiselect Swatch, Checkbox, and Buttons.15+ Types15+ Types15+ Types10 Types
    Dropdowns with ImagesProvide clarity to customers by adding images in dropdown options.
    Image and Color Swatch Option TypesCreate swatch options using an image or by selecting a color. Mix it up and use both types at the same time.
    Dimension Based PricingSell products such as tiles, carpets, blinds or any other dimension-based product. Users can enter two inputs via number, dropdown, or both. These inputs are used to lookup the option price from a pricing table.
    Measurement Options linked to a Pricing TableMeasurement options allow for variable pricing based on dimensions / measurements. This allows for pricing based on area and for non-linear pricing. Example: 50sqft might cost less than 25sq feet.
    Price Adjustment by ValueEasily adjust the product price when product options are selected.
    No Code Style Customization90+ build in style customization options for perfect theme matching.
    Unlimited OptionsNo limit here, add as many options as you need.

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