What to do if Popup Add to Cart does not appear

If the popup add to cart window is not appearing when products are added to cart, there is a CSS styling conflict on your store.

The popup window is likely appearing below other elements on your page or there is a css conflict

The “.overlay-popup” CSS class ensures the popup window appears on top of other elements using the z-index style. Sometimes templates may have elements with a larger z-index than this style has.

To find this div element on the page:

  1. Right click on a product page with option price calculator.
  2. Go to Inspect
  3. Go to Elements tab
  4. Search for “custom-cart-view”

You will need to look for other elements on your page that are appearing above the div with class “overlay-popup”.

You can give the overlay-popup a high z-index or in some cases you may need to change the z-index of other elements on the page.