Formula Based Option Pricing

Option price can be set with a flat value or can be calculated using a formula. Measurement options values are always calculated via a pricing table and Instruction options do not have a value.

Formula based option pricing is a Pro+ feature.

To set formula based pricing for an option, you should change the value drop down to Formula.

Once an option is set to use Formula values, you can write your own custom formula to calculate price.

The Add Calculation Variable dropdown allows you to insert other options into the formula field to use as part of your option price calculation.

You can insert other Option values and Lookup / Pricing tables into your formula.

Write a formula to calculate your final product price. Use calculation variables and common math functions like +, -, *, /, (, and ). Formulas will follow BEDMASS. If your formula is not validating try adding spaces between the elements.

Special Note:

The Add Calculation Variable dropdown contains all Options and Pricing tables in your application. Make sure you only use option variables that reference other options part of the calculator this option is in. If you reference an option variable for an option not used in your calculator, it will never have a value and the formula will not calculate correctly.

Types of Option Variables:

  • Other options referenced by their unique name
  • Pricing tables are referenced by their unique name and must be provided a value for input 1 and input 2 separated by a comma. You can use other variables to insert the values used in the pricing table formula.

    Examples of how to use a pricing table:
    • pricingtable[input1,input2]
    • pricingtable[20,35]
    • pricingtable[20,sauce]
  • Pricing table input values
    • dimensions.input1
    • dimensions.input2
  • User input valuefrom number options
    • numberofdecals.inputvalue

When creating a new option, you must first save the option before you will see any related option variables in the Add Calculation Variable dropdown for that option. The option must first exist in the database before you will see it in the Add Calculation Variable dropdown.