How to hide variants on product page

Option Price Calculator create product variants when customers add products to cart. We advise you to leave these new variants as they will increase app performance. Option Price Calculator will remove the oldest variant once you get to the maximum 100 variants Shopify allows.

If your product page template is configured to show variants, you may see these variants appear on your product page and you likely do not want these.

JSON product page template

  1. Open the theme Customizer. Online Store => Themes
  1. Open the Product page template.

  1. Hide or remove the Variant Picker. It may have a different name in your template.

Liquid product page template

You likely won’t be able to just hide the variant section on a liquid page. You will need to look at the scripts and remove the relevant section. All template are different so we can’t really tell you exactly where this will be.

Liquid product template typically have a section referenced from your page template that displays product blocks. You need to find this section, then inside this section, locate the code related to product variant picker and remove it.

You may want to create a new product page template specifically for Option Price Calculator products.

How to create a new product page template