Rules allow you to show and hide options and specific option values when certain options are selected.

Access Rules from Calculator > Calculator Settings > Rules

Rules are processed in the order they appear from top to bottom of the list. Rules at the top are processed first and rules at the bottom are processed last. A later rule can undo a rule that came before it.

Add, Reorder, Delete and Edit Rules from this list.

Configuring a New Rule

Set Condition(s)

Conditions determine if the rule should trigger. The condition must be true in order for the rules to process.

  1. Chose if you want ANY or ALL of the conditions to be true in order for the rule to trigger.
  1. Choose an Option for the condition to be based on. Only options part of this calculator will be shown here.
  1. Choose an Operation to perform on the selected Option.
  1. Choose Value(s)
  2. Add any additional Conditions.

Depending on the type of option selected, the available Operations will change.

LookupNumber, Swatch,
Dropdown, Button, Radio
Input 1 Equals
Input 1 Less than
Input 1 Greater than
Input 2 Equals
Input 2 Less than
Input 2 Greater than
is one of
is not one of

Less than
Greater than

has text
is empty

Set Action(s)

Actions take place when a rules triggers. Actions can show or hide options or specific option values.

The following action types are available.

  • Hide Option
  • Show Option
  • Hide Option Value
  • Show Option Value

Hide and Show Option can do this to any type of option.

Hide and Show Option Value is only available for Dropdown, Swatch, Radio and Button Option types.