Product Page Controls

These settings can automatically hide various sections on your product page. Useful if you do not want to create a separate product template for Option Price Calculator products and instead want the application to hide these elements automatically. Be aware that sections may briefly appear on page before the app can remove them from the page.

Automatically hide default Add to Cart buttons: Enabling this will automatically remove the default Shopify add to Cart button from the page. You must use Option Price Calculators add to cart button. Alternatively just remove the default add to cart button from your product page template using the theme customizer.

Automatically hide default Variants: If you want to easily remove Shopify default variant picker from the product page for Option Price Calculator products and don’t want to do it via the theme customizer. You will also need to set the Product Variant Selector below for this to work.

Product Variant Selector:

Used to hide the default product variants from a product page when Option Price Calculator is shown. By setting this value, variants will be hidden for products that use Option Price Calculator and shown for products that don’t.

Set this value to a CSS selector for the div containing the product page variants.

Depending on your theme, you may need to add a unique class name to the variant div.

In the example below you would set this value to “.product-variants”