Quantity Option

Quantity Options are available for Elite and Ultra plans only.

Quantity options allow customers to set the quantity of products they want to purchase. This replaces the Shopify default quantity field and you should not try to use both.

Starting Quantity: Allows you to set what the initial quantity of the quantity selector.

Minimum and Maximum: Allows you to set the minimum quantity and the max allowed. This will only control what can be added to cart each time. It does not prevent users from adding the product multiple time with the max quantity.

Step: This controls the amount the quantity buttons should increase or decrease the quantity for each click of the quantity buttons.

Calculate Quantity by Formula: Allows you to set the quantity based on a formula. MUST NOT include references to product_quantity variable or it will break your calculator.

This can be useful for setting the proper quantity of boxes/bags/rolls based on a specific amount of required coverage.

If a box covers 50 sq/ft and the customer requires 125 sq/ft, you could use a formula such as:


Of course, you will want to pull the coverage per box and user required area from other options rather than putting a value directly into the formula.

You should store how much a box of material covers in a product metadata field and pass that to the calculator. Learn how to configure metadata fields with Option Price Calculator here: https://strategicedgesystems.com/docs/using-shopify-product-metafields-in-calculations/

Let’s assume you have a number option named “area”.

The following formula could be used to properly set the quantity option.


Quantity formulas will always round up. So int the case above 125/50 = 2.5. You can’t purchase 0.5 of a box so the quantity will calculate to 3.