• Option set Name: A name for your Option Set Name. For your reference only, does not display on product page.
  • Calculation Label: Calculation Label appears in front of your Products Final Price. <Label> <Prefix><Store Currency><Price><Suffix>
  • Calculation Minimum: This is the minimum price a product must have. If the price is calculated as less than this value, your price will be set to the Calculation: Minimum value.
  • Decimals: Number of decimal places to show.
  • Calculation Prefix: Calculation Prefix comes directly before the product price and before the story currency symbol. <Label> <Prefix><Store Currency><Price><Suffix>
  • Calculation Suffix: Calculation Suffix comes after the product price. <Label> <Prefix><Store Currency><Price><Suffix>
  • Redirect Method: Only applicable when Settings => Add to Cart Method is set to “DOM“. Redirect method determines what the application will do when a customer adds a product to cart. This value tells the system which add to cart method should be used when a customer adds an item to cart.

    Selecting “Cart” will use the DOM settings and redirect the customer to the /cart.js page.

    Selecting “Ajax” attempts to open a slide out cart or perform a click event on the class provided in Ajax Query Selector field.

    Selecting “Popup” will use the built in popup add to cart method. Be sure to set this up in Settings.
  • Ajax Query Selector: This option is used to define a specific CSS class selector that Option Price Calculator will perform an on click action and trigger your themes existing scripts to open the slide out cart.

    Behind the scenes, most themes have Javascript code that opens the slide out cart when an on click event is detected on a specific CSS element. Option Price calculator will trigger a Javascript on click event which will trigger your themes existing code to open the slide out cart.

    By default, Option Price Calculator will perform an on click event on the class element “.cart-link“.

    Most likely this will not be the CSS class selector that your theme requires. Setting a value for Ajax Query Selector will allow Option Price Calculator to perform the on click action on the correct element that triggers your themes existing code to open the slide out cart.

    When setting your custom CSS id or class, make sure to include “#” for an id and “.” for a class. Additional JavaScript may be required if your store does not already open your slide out cart from a click event.

Finding the class or id element

  • Automatically Add Option Values:
    When Automatically Add Option Values is Checked, the application will add all values for all options within the option set together and set the products price.

    When Automatically Add Option Values is Unchecked, you can write your own custom price formula for the option set. Any option that is part of the option set, will be available for use in the calculation. The value returned from this calculation will be the final price of your product.
  • Calculation:
    Write a formula to calculate your final product price. Use calculation variables and common math functions like +, -, *, /, (, and ). Formulas will follow BEDMAS.

    If your formula is not validating try adding spaces between the elements.