Instruction Option

Instruction Options are available for Pro (does not include formula), Elite and Ultra plans.

An Instruction Option can be used to display messages and the results of formulas (not in Pro).

The example below uses 4 separate instruction options for “We Recommend”, “Covers”, “Weight”, “Price Per Box”.

An instruction option consists of a few parts. #

Instructions (HTML): This can be used to display free form text and html.

Display the results of a formula: This enables the formula field where you can write a formula to be evaluated and displayed on the calculator.

Formula: Write your formula here. Only available on Elite and Ultra plans.

Round the calculated value up: Check this box if you’d like the calculation result to automatically be rounded up to the nearest whole number. Good for quantity calculations where fractional values are not possible and should be rounded up.

Decimals: Control how many decimals you want to show in the calculated formula result.

Post Formula Text (HTML): This can be used to display free form text and html after the calculation. Typically used to show units.