Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are typically associated with Lookup Option types but they can also be used directly in formulas to find value without a Lookup option.

* Compatibility: The pricing table is best edited using Chrome web browser. Firefox has a known double entry issue. In Firefox, double click on a cell before trying to enter a number. If you single click, you may find that entered digit is duplicated.

Managing Pricing tables

You can create, edit, and delete pricing tables from any lookup option. If you do not have any Lookup options you can still manage pricing tables by doing the following.

1. Go to Options Tab.

2. Click Add New.

3. Select Lookup.

4. From the new lookup option screen, you can manage Pricing tables.

Editing an existing pricing table

Select a pricing table you want to edit, then click View Pricing Tables.

Edit the pricing table and click Save.

Using Pricing Tables in Formulas and Calculations

Pricing tables can also be referenced in option formula and option set calculation fields without an associated lookup option.

You can insert a lookup field into a formula or calculation field from the Calculation Variables dropdown.

Pricing table variable references will be formatted as follows:

tableuniquename[ x , y ]


tableuniquename: The unique name of the pricing table.

x: The value for input 1. This will be used to find the correct column in the vlookup of your pricing table.

y: The value for input 2. This will be used to find the correct row in the vlookup of your pricing table.


  • Lookup Pricing tables are referenced by their unique name and must be provided a value for input 1 and input 2 separated by a comma. You can use other variables to insert the values used in the pricing table formula.

    Examples of how to use a pricing table:
    • pricingtable[input1,input2]
    • pricingtable[20,35]
    • pricingtable[20,sauce]